When going to a lawyer’s office, look at their room. Is there artwork on the walls? Do they have a horribly messy desk? Is their coat hung or just sprawled out somewhere? Remember, you get billed for all the time it will take them to find your files.

Get a list of any potential lawyer’s recent clients. Any decent lawyer will be willing to do this request since they’re confident that they can do the job. This information should give you an idea of how good your lawyer is.

A good way to find a lawyer is through word of mouth advice from people you trust. Your friend’s good experience will tell you that this lawyer follows through and has a courteous and competent manner and a professional staff.

Don’t choose your lawyer based upon flashy television ads. They’re catchy, but they’re paid for with money earned from clients. There are better ways to find a good lawyer.

Ask yourself questions about the prospective lawyers you’ve met. How was their office? Ask yourself if they seemed professional in their appearance and manners. Think about how quick they have been to return your calls and answer your questions. Do they maintain or reschedule appointments?

Be certain you get a lawyer who can practice law legally in your state. Remember that simply because a lawyer is licensed in one state, they may not be licensed in another state. Advice from a non-licensed attorney doesn’t stand up in court. Check with your state licensing board to verify the validity of your attorney’s license.

It is difficult and time consuming to find a good lawyer. But, with the help of the above advice, you will have an easier time with your search. You are also sure to boost your likelihood of finding a solid lawyer you can trust.